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Beyond Repair – Live 2011

Video of “Beyond Repair” being performed live at the Atrocity Exhibition 2011, Vaude-Vile Asylum Cabaret, at the Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, May 14th, 2011.

Special thanks to Courtney “Beautiful Freak” for playing the role of Nikki as a patient of the Vaude-Vile Asylum, and to Sam “Syphir” Jones for filming.

Currently planning to do more with our new YouTube channel in the very near future. Subscribe here:

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Paradise Inside / Punishment Defined remix

New old song available for free download on our Bandcamp site. Merry X-mess!

This song is our remix of “Paradise Inside / Punishment Defined” by Electronic Substance Abuse, aka E.S.A.

We recorded this remix for an E.S.A. remix album that was to be released on Hive Records back in 2008. Unfortunately that remix album never came to be, so we are sharing our remix here for free. Enjoy.

You may listen to music by E.S.A. here:

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Audio WeEvil Explorations by Prometheus Burning

Making noise in the Prometheus Burning Studio as Nikki improvises a song with the Audio WeEvil during a Four Pi Movement warm up session.

Hardware signal path: BugBrand AudioWeevil08, Boss FZ-2, Digilog Delay, Alesis mixer, M-Audio Delta.

Special guest appearance by Diesel the cat.

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