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VAC Interview – Feb 13th, 2010

Bryan Erickson of Velvet Acid Christ recently interviewed us for his Electric Deth Trip Media blog. This was our first interview in a couple years, and we think it went very well. He asked good questions, and we tried our best to give good answers without rambling too much. See the transcripts below:

Intro by VAC: I have heard a lot about some of the new bands, from a lot of drama i experienced from doing an interview with a certain someone that turned out to be a big mistake. It opened this huge can of worms. That is how I first discovered this band. So yeah, I went out and listened, and really liked what I heard. They are synth enthusiasts like myself. Finding out we have a lot in common. Very cool band(noisy industrial, brutal, fetish, blood, dirt), I wish I had discovered them sooner...

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PCP Interview – Nov 29th, 2007

NOVEMBER 29, 2007
Local electro-industrial duo Prometheus Burning turns up the heat


Thousands of progressive electronic music fans worldwide are taking a break from Radiohead and Aphex Twin and instead downloading music from Pittsburgh band Prometheus Burning. This considerable Internet interest has helped the powernoise/electro-industrial duo — comprising vocalist Nikki Telladictorian and programmer Greg VanEck — emerge as a flagship act of New Jersey indie label Hive Records.

Strong sales of ProBurn’s 2006 album for Hive, Beyond Repair, prompted the label to authorize a remix album, which came out in July. Anagrammatically dubbed nBoyde raRepi, it features reworkings by some of the duo’s closest acquaintances in the harsh-electronic and breakcore scene, including Abelcai...

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Vampire Freaks interview – 2007

The following is very long, unedited interview conducted by Benny Hell of Vampire Freaks. Shortly after we did the interview with Benny, he left Vampire Freaks as a writer/editor, and the interview was never published.

According to your website, you began experimenting with music in 1999. When you started, were you composing together, or separately?

[Nikki] – Long before 1999 I started composing my first works. I loved music class as a kid and was a natural at the piano. My mom couldn’t afford lessons, but after much begging I got my first Casio, a tiny Rapmaster 2000 fully equipped with built in vocoder. I spent endless nights in my room recording on a boombox. I’d tune up and down AM stations to find distorted sounds and fuzz, while playing my Casio with the other hand...

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