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time April 14th by the Mother of Abominations

- We distributed our newsletter today with an exclusive link to preview our newest song “Invisible Enemy”. This song will soon be featured on an upcoming Japan benefit compilation currently being organized by Android Lust and Synthellec Music. More details on this coming soon!

We are encouraging our listeners to join our mailing list because it is the most direct and reliable method for us to communicate with you. Social networks like the now defunct Myspace and the ever changing for the worse Facebook come and go. Email however will always be relevant and to the point.


- We are currently booking shows for the Summer and Fall seasons of 2011. We are not touring, but we are looking for interesting one-off opportunities to perform while we complete our next EP, expected to be finished this year. Promoters and bands interested in booking or working with us should contact us as soon as possible as our schedule is already filling up.

- Our new YouTube profile is active and we intend to post monthly video blogs exhibiting what we are doing musically, artistically, and whatever other adventures we get into. Text is boring and we like to share imagery from behind the scene.


- We will be performing in Pittsburgh twice during the month of May. Each performance will be unique and feature different selection of songs and visuals. Up first we will be performing with Asche and Analog Pleasure Model at the Brillobox for “From the Ashes”. This will be our first live performance of 2011, and our first Prometheus Burning event in almost a year. Expect changes. Following that, we will be headlining at the Atrocity Exhibition 2011 at the Rex Theater on May 14th, performing alongside many other talented musicians, artists, and performers. The lineup is simply too grand to list here. Check the links below.



As always, thank you for listening.
Nikki / Greg
Prometheus Burning

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Atrocity Exhibition 2011, Saturday May 14th

time April 14th by the Mother of Abominations

We will be headlining at the upcoming Atrocity Exhibition, Saturday May 14th at The Rex in Pittsburgh! We have advance tickets for sale for $10.

Atrocity Exhibition 2011

Dr. Morose and Miss Macabre are back, after spending some time in the
basement studying medicine. This year, we invite our esteemed colleagues and peers to bear witness to the newest incarnation of the Atrocity Exhibition in all its blood-soaked, bound-and-gagged, lobotomized glory. We hope you will join us as we drag out some of our favorite patients and we admit some new ones. We have the forms right here. Here, in the asylum, it’s diagnosis: death and the prescription is your ticket to Atrocity Exhibition 2011 an evening of insane art of fetish performance, skull crushing music, and mad, dark art displays….

Saturday, May 14 at 9:00pm
The Rex Theater
1602 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA
Tix $10 in advance, 21+ event

RSVP on Facebook
Official Website

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FROM THE ASHES - May 4th, 2011

time March 30th by the Mother of Abominations

Our first performance of 2011, and our first live show in almost a year.
Rising from the ashes… the monster is born.

Wednesday, May 4th
WRECKED and FRONT 412 presents:

A night of renegade electronic music

Featuring live performances by:

ASCHE - (Ant-Zen/Germany)
ANALOG PLEASURE MODEL - (feat Shawn Rudiman)

4104 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

21+ Event, $7 in adv. $10 at the door

RSVP on Facebook

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Help Japan. Get free music.

time March 15th by the Mother of Abominations

Donate to the Red Cross to help support Japan.
Get a free Prometheus Burning digital album.

Since our first official release “Influenza” in 2004, we have been receiving orders of our music from Japan. We have personally shipped more copies of our albums there than any other international country.  In 2008 we released “Retribution”, our collaboration album with Japanese Cyberpunk author and literary madman . In 2009 our friends in Osaka and fellow electro assassins Uterozzzaaa offered us a small tour in Japan which we sadly had to decline at that time. In 2010 Gregg Janman, a resident of Japan and engineer of , mastered our double disk release “Displacement Disorder”. It was also around this time when we received a lot of messages from fans and DJ’s in Japan like DJ SiSeN sending us their playlists or video clips of people going nuts to our music at events.

TL;DR - Japan has been extremely supportive of Prometheus Burning and we greatly appreciate it. Now we ask you, our listeners and friends, to help return the favor by supporting Japan in their time of tragedy and need.

Donate money to the Red Cross. Forward us your receipt email or send us a screenshot or whatever, showing us that you donated something, ANYTHING, and we will send you a code to download any one of our albums from Bandcamp for FREE.

This offer will stand starting now, March 15th, through March 29th… or possibly longer it people are taking advantage of it and continue to donate. We wish we could offer you more incentive, but that’s about all we can do right now beyond donating ourselves, which we did today after it was announced that Japan is now taking international assistance, and working with the Red Cross who just sent an initial $10 million to assist Earthquake and Tsunami survivors.

Read all about it and make your donation by clicking HERE.

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RE: A Brave New Era of Misogyny

time February 18th by the Mother of Abominations

DJ Pathogen has written some heavy words regarding the latest Combichrist video and the subject of the rampant misogyny spreading in some areas of Industrial music. We thank him for summing up in one well-written article a complex subject that we have been troubled over and struggling with in this scene for quite some time now. It seems like for every step of forward progress made in regards to women, power, and respect, we see unimaginative and adolescent garbage like this video attempting to take it two steps back. We hope your words do not fall upon deaf and desensitized ears Matt. If this is a glimpse of the Industrial revolution, music and visuals stripped of all intelligence and artistic substance while appealing to the lowest common denominator, filled with hatred, intolerance, and childish tuff-guy machismo, then it is a bleak and sad future indeed.


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